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Digital Blackout


Disconnect. Disengage. Remove. Extricate. Disentangle. Liberate. sabbatical candle

Unplug-from-the-digital-crackpipe-that-governs-your-life. Yes, exactly.

Luxuriate in the shadowy solstice; revel in this shortest day and longest night, this dark, cold first day of winter’s eve when the fallow time slowly begins to return us to creative fecundity with the promise of spring.

Take this day and night, finish your good work, and switch off. Stow your electronic drug of choice in its full upright position and step away from device. Yes, I just mixed metaphors. The solstice allows for this kind of messy.

Things to do during a digital-free evening:

    • Make and eat soup with friends
    • Share a glass of something delicious with said friend
    • Take a bath by candlelight (friend optional)
    • Meditate
    • Practice yoga
    • Read a book
    • Paint or draw
    • Go to bed early (what?!)
    • Breathe and observe

I challenge you to join me from sundown 12/21/11 to sunup 12/22/11 to remember the ancient days, the days before we allowed the electronic thrum and buzz of our devices held sway over our lives. If you do unplug, please comment to let me know how you enjoyed the eve of the wintry solstice.

photo credit: Herr Olsen via photopin cc

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December 21st, 2011 on 7:56 pm

YES! The Winter Solstice is upon US! I plan to unplug soon. Thank you for the reminder.
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Sue Ann Gleason
December 22nd, 2011 on 11:59 am

I was pretty successful with sundown to sunup, but today, I am seeing just how addicted I am to my online world because as much as I wanted to STAY unplugged, I find myself getting sucked right back in. . .

Here’s to trying to recapture the “ancient day” feel as we enter this season of merriment and mirth.

    December 22nd, 2011 on 12:01 pm

    It’s tough, right, Sue Ann? It was super challenging for me, although I did catch up with some much-overdue reading (a book!) and writing (on paper!). I am looking forward to unplugging again this weekend–at least part of it :)

December 23rd, 2011 on 9:43 am

Tis the SEASON Shanna! and with the New Moon tomorrow… WOWZIE! we are getting a double KISS from the Dark! sooo… lots happening here… with a Solstice celebration tonight! We are making great VATS of SOUPS and stewwwwws and MULLED WINES!! Wish you were here! and… on the otherside of Christmas… I am going to go deeeeeeeeep into my interior and exterior canyon and caves. Just BE… and be moved by these deeper energies. Thank you for your exquisite Jewel here!
LOVE to you!! xo
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