(I posted the following on Facebook last night. I’m going to delete my account—this move is permanent. For those of you with a strong personal brand, you understand what a big deal this is. But, I couldn’t be happier about my decision).

Hello friends, real and virtual.

You may or may not have noticed that I have been absent from Facebook for nearly four months. In all honestly, if you didn’t already know that I had gone away, you likely didn’t notice. That’s the nature of Facebook. Out of sight, out of mind.

But trust me when I say, that’s okay. No hard feelings. I figured that’s how it would go (and for those who said they’d stay in touch, and didn’t—really, no big deal).

My time away has been blissful. My anxiety level vis-à-vis staying connected and checking in has completely dropped. It’s just one less thing to manage. And, if you’re anything like me, you are managing lots of stuff. I had planned to return as of October 1, but, at this point, I honestly can’t imagine coming back.

I can no longer allow this other “Big Blue” to monitor my habits, interests, and search queries so that they can data-mine me for their advertisers. I’m not buying stuff; I’m not interested in consuming stuff (no, I don’t want to be a part of the exclusive mastermind, multi-level, coaching and beauty program for ladypreneurs—or whatever it is).

I’m not interested in helping Facebook become more of a cultural behemoth than it already is (I realize my leaving will have zero effect on Facebook’s success).

I am committed to living an intentional life. And the key to that philosophy is attention. Where my attention goes is what shapes my life. FB, when I pay attention to it, is not in alignment with my goals to live an intentional life. So, I intend to direct my attention to the things that matter to me, not just mindlessly hitting the dopamine delivery feed-refresh button.

As of this writing, within 72 hours, I will delete (not deactivate), my Facebook account. I cannot undo this. And I’m ecstatic about it.

Nothing lasts forever. Everything has a season. I have fewer years left than I have already lived—and I’ve lingered here too long. I wish you all the best and most and brightest of everything.

If you care to stay in touch (no pressure—looking for real, not empty, commitments/promises/friendships) send me a message and we can exchange contact info. Or leave a comment, below. You can also find me on Instagram and my website.

May we meet on the road less traveled.