My Team

My team and I offer a better-than-boutique agency suite of services.

These services include copy writing, web design, brand identity, marketing, ghost blogging and writing, social media strategy, coaching, nonprofit services, and more (oh, so much more).

Why better? Because we are focused, nimble, and responsive. With our collective rich and diverse backgrounds, predilection for dark chocolate, and serious muscle to get the job done, we can take care of all your needs.

We don’t, however, do windows.

Jessie Chatigny | senior writer. right-hand woman.

Jessie is a laser-sharp macro editor, writer, and researcher. She is, however, extremely thankful for spell check. Her areas of expertise include nonprofit management and marketing, fund raising research, and corporate relations.

She plays the roles of Research Divining Rod, Reality Checker, and Senior Writer for me; I’d be adrift without her.

She is the proud holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and finds it to be quite useful, thank you very much.

She is momma to one lovely little boy (and another bebe on the way) and wife to her soul mate. In her precious spare time, you can find her in the ocean, in a Pilates studio, or eating really good food. When you meet her, please order her a St. Germain and champagne.


Sophia Daly | creative principal, sophia daly design.

Sophia Daly has serious design chops. No lie. With nearly 20 years of design experience in agencies and medium to large high-tech corporate environments she has a unique vantage point on graphic design and marketing. Her approach is distinct and fresh, her style: no-nonsense.

Prior to founding Sophia Daly Design, she worked as the Art Director and Designer for both Vytek and Digital Asylum, creating killer brand identity packages, web and interactive design, and marketing and communications collateral.

Sophia was the Lead Graphic User Interface Designer for Kyocera Wireless, where she developed top-notch interface design and iconography for a variety of mobile applications and handsets, now a unique offering of Sophia Daly Design. Sophia has worked with Adidas, Bell Atlantic, Daewoo Motors, Fox Interactive, GE, HP, The Kennedy Space Center, Samsung, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, and Qualcomm, to name but a few.

Sophia  also has experience in exhibit design for  trade shows, visitor centers, and museums, as well as kiosks and corporate interiors.

Sophia and I collaborate on web and branding projects for a variety of clients: entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits, and others. With Sophia on the case, magic happens. She provides the visuals to my words (and vice-versa). Together, we bring the best of vision, design, and content to all our clients.

Sophia has a BS in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Her work is influenced by her keen eye and passion for art, photography, architecture, and travel. She enjoys living and riding her Vespa in sunny San Diego.

My team makes me smile and they will do the same for you.

Whether it’s a complete brand identity package, web copy, or coaching that you need, contact me and let’s see how we can work together to make your website or business the best it can be!