Smart entrepreneurs and business owners make smart decisions.

This woman was no exception.

I was chatting with a potential client about her process to revamp and rebrand her business and website and shift the focus of her message to the current services that she provides.

As we talked, she told me about her desire to make sweeping changes—colors, logo, overall feel and look, and, of course, the perfect content that would speak to her clients.

To do something, anything, she decided to change the header on her site—you know, jazz the space up a bit—but just as she was ready to engage with her designer, she felt something was amiss.
How could she change the header, or logo, or colors, without being fully clear on what she wanted to do with her evolving business and what she wanted to say to her clients and anyone who would visit her site?

She decided to wait on the fancy new header and focus on the heart of her business.

Smart woman, she.

Her story reminded me of a phrase I use, a little thing I made up to describe situations where business owners or entrepreneurs want to cut corners and spend as little as possible, but still want their brand to be on point. Like when they buy a cheap logo or hire a crappy writer, and then they wonder why they don’t stand out amongst their peers.

Some business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to frost a cake before baking it.

So, what about you? What’s up with your cake? Is it baked? Or half-baked? Is it just an idea that you are trying to spread frosting on without fully fleshing out the core of your business?

If so, this is where I come in. I can help you get clarity on your growing business or new services and offerings to help you make that shift from here…to there.

Hiring a pro writer and branding secret weapon (me) and a business coach who is living the entrepreneurial lifestyle (me!), in conjunction with one of my design partners, is the way to build your business and brand—the way to bake that cake so the frosting sticks!

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you baked your cake? Let’s chat about how you can take your business from drab to fab—I’m ready, aren’t you?

[image credit: annie spratt via unsplash]