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I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around Porto this past week, visiting new-to-me neighborhoods and taking photos with my trusty but ancient iPhone 6s.

I need to replace this phone soon, but I hang on to my tech as long as possible—damned planned obsolescence makes me so mad! I’ve already replaced the battery, but now certain apps won’t update—so I guess it’s time. Anyway…

The weather has been beautiful, perfect for wandering, but it looks like we’re in for a week of rain starting on Sunday. The weather report is wrong here so much of the time that I’ll believe it when the raindrops are hitting my head. I never let a little rain stop me from getting out.

I’ve included just a few images in this post, but you can find more in Snapshots: Porto May 2021, which I will add to over the next few weeks.


Inequality is spatially reinforced by design, from our systems all the way down to individual public spaces. ~ urban planner Jennifer Gardner and design researcher Larissa Begault

“Maputo, like nearly every city on the planet, was designed by men. Because urban planning and architecture have long been dominated by men, the reality of how women use and travel through spaces has too often been an afterthought in the design of urban environments, leading to inconveniences (such as small public restrooms) as well as serious dangers (such as low visibility areas) for women.”

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