So, You Want to Move to Portugal:

An Opportunity for Conversation

Are you curious about moving to Portugal from the United States?

Have you scoured the web devouring everything you can find about Portugal, trying to learn about the reality of moving abroad?

Are you:

      • overwhelmed by all the information on the web?
      • afraid to make such a momentous move?
      • unsure of how you’d adapt to a new culture?
      • curious about Portugal from the perspective of an American?
      • looking to talk with someone who’s made the move—and get details first-hand?

Well, now you can talk to someone who’s moved to Portugal—Me!

Moving to another city is nerve wracking enough. Moving across the ocean is a whole new level of anxiety. Visas, documents from government agencies, bank accounts, a mountain of paperwork in a foreign language just waiting to drown you. Overwhelming to say the least. 


Then I hired Shanna and literally watched my stress disappear. She guided me through the entire process leveraging her hard-earned experience to cut through the noise and to help me avoid common pitfalls. Because of her expertise I’m turning a long-term dream into a reality. I know she can do the same for you. 

Gabriel Novo, New York, NY

I know from first-hand experience how daunting this process can be. During a So, You Want to Move to Portugal session, I’ll answer your questions about the reality of moving to and living in Portugal and help you determine if a move is right for you.



Yes, there are a bunch of logistics, paperwork, and other details to manage when it comes to moving abroad, but I’m guessing what you’re mostly curious about is how it feels like to live here on a daily basis.

You want to know about the emotional and psychological aspects. What are the challenges? The risks? What’s day-to-day life like and does it meet expectations?

Perhaps you’re not ready for a move (yet), but the idea intrigues you—I understand, I was there, too.

You want to talk about moving to Portugal with someone who was where you now—in the intrigue stage. I can help you decide if this is an idea that fits your interests and lifestyle, if this is something worth pursuing, or if you may want to try another path that will better meet your wants and needs.

Moving to Portugal is a big step, that’s no secret.

If you want to understand how it feels and what it’s like living here so you can make an informed decision about whether moving to Portugal is right for you, let’s chat…  

The So, You Want to Move to Portugal Session


During a So, You Want to Move to Portugal session you’ll get an hour of unfiltered conversation with me about how I did it, what daily life is like, and how I’m making it work. No fluff, just honest and transparent discussion to help you decide if a move abroad is right for you. Together, we will transform your concerns and fears into actionable knowledge so you’ll go away from our session with more confidence about deciding to move to Portugal.

The So, You Want to Move to Portugal session is a one-time charge of $129 (USD) for an hour of my time (non-refundable, so buy responsibly).


A one-hour Skype/Zoom session with me is $129 (USD). Payable in full, prior to our call.

Read on for more about this opportunity…

It is probably impossible to find anyone who is as resourceful as Shanna Trenholm. She is a powerhouse at figuring out what the problem or issue is and tapping into her vast pool of resources to solve it. Shanna is smarter than smart and extremely thorough in her approach to life.


If you have questions, she will guide you deftly to the answers. I absolutely without reservation encourage you to get your thoughts and questions together, share them with Shanna and empower yourself by leveraging her insight. 

Dave Yoshida, San Diego, CA

Let me be clear: I’m not an expert on Portugal—but I am an expert on moving to Portugal!

Although I’m not an expert on Portugal, I planned this move for the better part of two years, working with a migration assistant (but you can do it on your own) to understand the legal ins and outs of becoming a Portuguese resident. And now I’m here doing it.

Why me, then, if I’m not an expert on Portugal?

Because I have spent hundreds of hours acquiring the information that you want—not the stuff you can find easily on the web, like how long the temporary visa takes to receive after you’ve submitted your paperwork, or what the NIF is (NIF? Okay, I can help you understand that, too)—but what life is really like when you are out of your comfort zone. Whether you’ve done a ton of research already, or you haven’t even started, a conversation with me can point you in the right direction—saving you time and frustration. Plus, it’s fun to talk to someone who’s already made the move.

Fresh Perspective

What I offer you is a peek into the life of an American abroad, because I am living it right now, in real time, and I believe there’s value in that fresh perspective.

I’ll give you the unvarnished view of what it’s like to be here, away from friends and family, to struggle with the language, and other unique aspects of life in Portugal. Yes, I can help you understand the legalities, in a general sense, but this offer is not to be construed as legal, financial, or real estate advice.

And the Joys!

Yes, I will share with you the joys of life in Portugal!

Let’s not just talk about the hard stuff, but about the beautiful things that make this country an ideal choice for anyone looking to live life with intention and adventure. Portugal is a great place to learn about a new culture and language—and to spend sunny afternoons with new friends sipping coffee at a quiosque in the park.


Keep reading to find out how you can learn from my experiences…

If you’re considering moving to Portugal—whether it’s a pipe dream or you’re making serious plans—Shanna is a wonderful coach and resource.


First and foremost, she listens. She brings a depth of knowledge, hard-won personal experience, and resources to bear. Her questions and input helped me deeply consider whether a move was right for me, see things in ways I hadn’t thought about, and expand my notion of what’s possible. While I’m still pondering the option, I feel I have a more realistic idea of the possibility and a great ally and resource in Shanna as I move through the process.   

R.K., Seattle, WA

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Shanna, lovely to meet you. I’m a writer and creative strategist, from San Diego, CA. I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of living in Europe. Years ago, I thought I’d settle in France or Spain, but Portugal won my heart. The climate, people, cost of living, quality of life, and healthcare are some of the reasons I chose Portugal—oh, and the coffee, too.

I moved with my dog, Milo, not knowing the language or anyone here.

If I can do this, you can, too.


Why am I offering this service?

I’m offering So, You Want to Move to Portugal, a one-on-one service, because many people have asked for my help. I’ve met with dozens of people since I arrived (and many more via email) and we’ve chatted over coffee or lunch sharing my perspective and answering their questions.

Through my Instagram account, a Vegan in Portugal, I’ve received messages of thanks, both for being an inspiration and for sharing openly and honestly about moving to Portugal. Many of these kind people have asked if they could donate to me or if I have a Patreon account (I don’t, but now you can Buy Me a Coffee). If you’ve found your way here you might be familiar with my Instagram, but if not, take a look and get a feel for who I am. It’s all right there.


Okay, I’m in, now what? 


A So, You Want to Move to Portugal 1-hour Skype/Zoom session with me is $129 (USD). Payable in full, prior to our call.


Read on to learn what you get and to sign up…

What you get from a So, You Want to Move to Portugal Session

You’ll have a full hour to pick my brain and to get answers to your questions about living in Portugal. Not just the logistics, but how it feels to leave it all behind and move to another country. Ultimately, I hope to provide you with clarity and perspective so you can make an informed decision about moving to Portugal.

You’ll also get access to my expanding list of service providers (migration assistant, banker, real estate agents, attorneys, etc.), should you need a referral.

How it works:

  • Pay for your session in advance (final sale, reschedule within 72 hours if necessary);
  • Fill out a brief questionnaire (you should receive this directly after your payment) with your top 3-5 questions (allow me up to 48 hours to review);
  • Once I review your questionnaire, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to schedule our call via Skype or Zoom (please be patient as this may take me a day or two for review);
  • Once you’ve selected your day/time from my calendar, we’ll chat for an hour during that time about your questions. Any time left is yours to discuss anything else related to moving to Portugal;
  • Within 48 hours I’ll follow up via email with links/resources I promised to send you; and
  • You have the option of replying to my follow-up email for clarification on anything we discussed.


A one-hour Skype/Zoom session with me is $129/hour. Payable in full, prior to our call.


We’ll address your questions within the allotted time, but remember, this is not legal/tax/financial or real estate advice. This session is a final sale; no refunds, please. If you need to reschedule, please do so within 72-hours of our scheduled time. If you miss your designated time (without 72-hour notice), you forfeit your fee. Thank you for understanding and I look forward to chatting with you!


Are you still not sure if a So, You Want to Move to Portugal session is for you? Drop me a brief line with any questions you may have.

Are you still on the fence about this service?

Please don’t wait too long to decide. This offer is limited: both in duration and price. I’m not trying to create false scarcity; just being honest that this offer is limited. I can only do a few sessions per month, and I may discontinue this offer at any time.

Scheduling the Call

I’ll make every effort to meet at a time convenient for both of us. Portugal is 8 hours ahead of Los Angeles, so use that as a guideline.

A few things to keep in mind

I live in a town called Setúbal, about 40 minutes from Lisbon. I can’t speak of the other areas of Portugal, except generally, so I can’t tell you about Braga, for instance (I haven’t visited, yet), but I can help you narrow down places by giving you things to think about.

 Also, I eat a plant-based diet, so I can’t tell you where the best seafood restaurants are. But, if you want my private Mapstr map to my favorite vegan/vegetarian cafés and spots of interest, then I’ll invite you to my ever-expanding map as a part of this service.

I’m child-free, so I’m not a useful resource for where your children should go to school. There are Facebook groups dedicated to foreign families in Portugal that would likely be helpful.

The cost for a 1-hour, one-to-one Skype/Zoom session with me is $129 (USD). Payable in full, prior to our call.

Relocating to a foreign country is a common desire, but it’s never an easy thing to do. So many questions arise along the way, from what steps to take, how to take them, and in what order – knowing that mistakes at any point can cause lengthy delays.


In my case I was fortunate to have Shanna’s guidance during the process. She took time to understand my situation, desires for moving, and my many concerns about living in Portugal—new language and culture, transportation and housing—there’s so much to consider.


At each turn I checked in with Shanna, tapping into her insightful wisdom and personal experience in regard to obtaining a tax id, opening a new bank account, setting up my appointment with the Portuguese Consulate, and searching for a place to live. Without her assistance I wouldn’t have overcome the many challenges and will soon be heading to Lisbon!  


Mark Lovett, San Diego, CA

A Final Note

Please don’t wait too long to decide if this offer is something you want to do. I may discontinue this service at any time. Remember, this offer is a final sale, payable in advance.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

If you have additional questions, contact me here.

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