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The heart & soul of your business is your story.

Is your web copy telling the story you want the world to hear?

Is your content compelling—turning visitors into buyers?

Do you really have time to write—or would you prefer to focus on your key services?

If your copy isn’t supporting your amazing business (or would-be amazing business) or the killer services/products you provide, then it’s time to work with a pro (me!). I can help align your business with your goals through effective copywriting designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Your web copy should be exceptional & draw customers to you—no compromises.

I help creative entrepreneurs and businesses take their brands from dull to dazzling with clear, dynamic copy and content that produce results.

I deliver creative copy & content (think blog posts, newsletters, etc.) that supports your vision. Also, my team and I offer website creation, social media marketing, ghost blogging, and writing of all types.

Copywriting—Who Cares?

Well for starters, you should—and I don’t throw shoulds around lightly! Your website is your calling card—it’s how people view your business and what you offer—you have a few seconds to capture their interest. Your words need to stand out.

Don’t drive away potential clients with tired copy.

The content on your site, from home page to blog posts, is your voice, or your business’s voice, so you need to make sure it’s speaking in a tone and style that resonates with your readers and customers.

You Get Stellar Results When We Work Together, So Let’s Do This!

Some of the services my team & I offer:

  • Web copy & content
  • Ad copy
  • Bylines & taglines (and any other -lines)
  • Naming (businesses, cocktails, towns)
  • Collateral material copy
  • Feature articles
  • Ghostwriting & blogging
  • Brand strategy
  • Social media marketing & strategy
  • Graphic & web design

If you want something that you don’t see listed here (provided it’s legal & moral) contact me and let’s talk.

I’m looking forward to getting started on your project!

branding services

branding services

The heart & soul of your business is your story.

Is your business telling the story you want the world to hear?

Does your branding match your unique services and offerings?

Is your branding on-point—does it create the response you want?

Branding is emotional & strategic. It should educate & help retain loyal customers. Branding tells the world why your business matters.

If your web copy, site design, or the overall vibe of your online presence doesn’t match the purpose of your business, then it’s time to talk branding.


Branding: It’s Just Marketing, Right?

Branding and marketing are deeply connected—branding is the overall look, feel, voice, and standards such as color, fonts, etc. whereas marketing is the strategies and activities created to promote the brand.

Branding is not marketing, but marketing efforts support the brand.

Branding is more than your logo, colors, and font choices—it’s the entire experience. Does your branding provide the desired experience?

Let’s work together to align your business with your goals through creative branding (and copywriting) that will make your business stand out.


Let’s Brand Your Biz!

I will help you discover innovative concepts and solutions that support your business vision through a comprehensive branding exercise. Once I have this information, I’ll make recommendations that are appropriate to your particular needs and situation.

Working in conjunction with my designer, we’ll deliver a mood board and other visuals to help you see how your brand can evolve. We can go as deep or as minimal as you require—whether just a business name, logo, and business cards, or the entire branding package—we’ll customize the services to suit you.

Don’t drive away potential clients with stale copy and a misaligned brand.

If you’re ready to explore working together and want to know more about my process, fill out my project form. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about you and your business!

npo services

services for nonprofits

Do You Need Support For Your Nonprofit Organization?


Branding for NPOs

Gone are the days when you could have a roughly sketched logo and tagline and call that your brand. To succeed and meet your organization’s goals, your copy and visual design must match the good works that you do.

A cohesive brand, one that aligns with your mission, is necessary if you want to attract donors, volunteers, and catch the eye of media and other entities that can help you spread your word.

What’s the Difference Between Branding and Marketing?

It’s confusing! They are both deeply related—branding is the overall look, feel, voice, and standards such as color, fonts, etc. whereas marketing is the strategies and activities created to promote the brand.

Marketing is the brand’s messenger.

So, isn’t it time to upgrade your organization’s image through a professional brand makeover? Then head over to the project form and let’s get started!


Grant Writing

Maybe you landed here because you need assistance with grant writing and fundraising. If so, you’re in the right place!

Since 2003, I’ve worked with nonprofit organizations, large and small, to help them raise funds from private foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals.

I work with a variety of clients across all sectors, including Arts & Culture, Social Services, Education, and Environment.

I provide these fundraising-related services:

  • Grant research and proposal development
  • Donor cultivation strategies
  • Fundraising development plans
  • Fundraising training and workshops
  • Strategic and organizational planning
  • Board training and development

Each nonprofit is unique in their development goals and growth stage; however, there are techniques that all organizations can use to improve fundraising efforts. I enjoy working directly with staff and board members to evaluate an agency’s grant writing/fundraising program to equip them with the necessary tools for fundraising success.


Customized Services

I customize my services to fit each organization’s particular needs, including assessment of fundraising strengths and areas of opportunity. I work on your agency’s behalf to keep you on track and mission-driven in all your fundraising and development goals!

I have limited space for new nonprofit clients. Contact me set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation so we can discuss your needs, goals, and how we might work together.

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